Psychic – What Does It Mean To Be Psychic?

It is amazing what some people still believe “psychic” to be. Some people actually believe that being psychic means that you know everything about everybody all the time. That is why there are people…skeptics…out there who do not believe in … Continue reading

Awakening Psychic Abilities – Tarot Card Readings and Time Frames

I often do not read my own tarot cards because it’s difficult to be objective with oneself. But I decided to do it this time, but not a whole reading. Here’s the background. I have had quite an experience this … Continue reading

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Tarot Card Reading

I have been asked by a reader to this blog, to do a tarot card reading on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage. The ceremony happened today and I watched the recap on the official royal channel at youtube.¬† It … Continue reading