Awakening Psychic Abilities – Having Fun With It

This last weekend I was reminded by my 18 year old son of a particular monopoly game we were having a few years back. See, we were having a going away party for him this last weekend because he is … Continue reading

Psychic Chat Online Reflections – Past Life Experiences

I have a spiritual mentor, his name is Bob, he is also my tax accountant! What a combo, right? He was the catalyst about 8 years ago, that accelerated my spiritual and psychic growth to what it is today. He … Continue reading

Awakening Psychic Abilities – Music’s Impact on Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta Brain Waves

In an article release by Stanford University a few years back, it shows substantial evidence that music stimulates brain wave activity, bridging the gap between music and your own psychic abilities. The article quotes: “There is a growing body of … Continue reading