Awakening Psychic Abilities – Having Fun With It

This last weekend I was reminded by my 18 year old son of a particular monopoly game we were having a few years back. See, we were having a going away party for him this last weekend because he is … Continue reading

Awakening Psychic Abilities – Tarot Card Readings and Time Frames

I often do not read my own tarot cards because it’s difficult to be objective with oneself. But I decided to do it this time, but not a whole reading. Here’s the background. I have had quite an experience this … Continue reading

Awakening Psychic Abilities – Mental Telepathy and Reading People’s Minds

It’s an interesting subject, the ability to read people’s minds, or “mental telepathy.” It is an ability that is discussed and talked about by some of the most respected names in the new age world, such as Deepak Chopra and … Continue reading