Psychic Chat Online Reflections – More On Predicting Times

As we have been moving to a new home, I have reflected back on the tension and frustration and elation we have felt in looking for, finding and moving in to our new home. We had been looking at this … Continue reading

Psychic Abilities and Tarot Card Readings – How Does It Really Work?

I sometimes get calls from clients that simply do not understand how psychic abilities and tarot card readings work.¬† I typically get some energies coming through their voice and present the caller with what I am feeling, right away.¬† I … Continue reading

Psychic Chat Online Reflections

Accurate Psychic Readings I just came across a program called and it looks pretty good, but I don’t know a lot about it. Has anyone out there used this product? I joined their affiliate program, but I would like … Continue reading