Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Tarot Card Reading

Hey guys! I recovered one more of the blog entries from last month that my prior hosting company couldn't recover, here it is!

It was the tarot card reading I did for Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy from May 7, I believe.

There’s a lot of speculation from the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It’s being said that Prince Harry, William’s little brother of 26 years old, was smitten with Pippa Middleton, Kate’s little sister. Who knows? The internet is a buzz with gossip. Prince Harry has an on-again off-again girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, who was Harry’s date at the wedding. And Pippa has a beau, Alex.

So, why is the internet swarming with this controversy? One of my readers asked in an email to do a reading on this whole situation and see what may actually happen with Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy.

Remember, a tarot card reading is based on the current circumstances surrounding the people the reading is based on. Free will can come into play and change the reading in the future. This is just fun to see how it will lay out.

Now, for the tarot card reading. The question was something to the effect of, “Will Prince Harry really win Chelsy Davy, or does he have his eye on Pippa Middleton, now?”

I will do a 7-card elliptical spread based on Harry’s birthdate (Sept. 15, 1984) and Chelsy’s birthdate (October 13, 1985).

As I mentioned before, the seven cards are past, now, future, what to do, external influences, hopes/fears and the final outcome.

Okay, the card that came up in the “Past” position: Star

To interpret this card: This shows that they definitely have an on-again, off-again relationship. She has broke it off with him, abandoned him, but left him with hope for the future.

The card that came up in the “Present” position: Queen of Pentacles

To interpret this card: Harry is currently surrounded with fortune and riches. He is someone Chelsy can be secure with and she will live a good life, financially. She wants his time, though, and he has many duties. He is as generous with his time as he is able to be.

The card that came up in the “Future” position: Five of Pentacles

To interpret this card: Chelsy will have extravagant gifts, but she will be lonely. It shows they will get married, but she will be unhappy with the public side of her marriage. It also indicates that one of her friends may become Harry’s mistress.

WHOA!!!! What??? Now, THAT is subject for gossip. Following in his father’s footsteps, we see. Let’s hope that doesn’t come to pass…what a royal mess THAT would be!

Anyway, back to the reading.

The card that came up in the “What To Do” position: Two of Swords

To interpret this card: Chelsy feels like she needs to conform with and be happy with her situation and make the best of it. Cultivate her own interests and not be so “leechy” to Harry for his time. It takes courage for her to step out of her prior perspective on the marriage and do this. She needs to develop a much deeper friendship with Harry, which will then create more affection and intimacy, exactly what she seeks from him.

The card that came up in the “External Influences” position: Justice in reverse position

To interpret this card: There are legal matters to attend to, some bias she will face, with unfair and excessive severity. She isn’t in control of these influences, but she deals with them with grace.

The card that came up in the “Hopes and Fears” position: Two of Pentacles

To interpret this card: They both hope for many good times, cherished memories, recreation, children, although they will reach obstacles and troubles, they seem to be able to get through most of them.

The card that came up in the “Final Outcome” position: King of Swords in reverse position

To interpret this card: The disagreements between Harry and Chelsy are difficult. Harry tries to manipulate and can be cruel at times. This is only in private. He is in authority over Chelsy, in his mind, which can tend to drive her away.

The overall reading has some good energies, however, the final outcome, as things stand right now, does not appear in the most positive light. They do get married, but it doesn’t last.

Awwwwww, how sad!

We will see if the reading comes true or not. How interesting!

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