Psychic – What Does It Mean To Be Psychic?

It is amazing what some people still believe "psychic" to be. Some people actually believe that being psychic means that you know everything about everybody all the time.

That is why there are people...skeptics...out there who do not believe in psychic phenomenon.

To be psychic, for the literal definition as found at wikipedia:

"(...of the mind, mental", also called sensitive) is a person who professes an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP)..."

There are several other definitions that this one general term can encompass. I won't go into those now, though.

Now, going by the ability to perceive information hidden from the normal 5 physical senses, this can cover a lot of ground.

When someone is having a psychic experience, they often "tune in," like a radio frequency, to the energy around what they are reading, or the question they are working on answering.

Just like a radio that is tuned in to several stations at once, the messages and energies can come through very garbled and it can be very difficult for a psychic to sort out and separate the different messages coming through.

In addition to this, psychics do not tune into the past or the future, they tune into the present. Now, just like a physical present moment...where you feel physical ailments presently, it has typically been caused by something in the past and can be a prediction for sensations in the future.

Reading present energies is the same way. It gives insight into the past and what from the past is effecting the present conditions, as well as what the present situation will evolve into in the future.

I had a gentleman call in this last weekend, a new client, who asked me to give him a general love and relationships reading. I told him that a general reading typically gives general answers and if he wanted some specifics, we had to tune into a specific question he would like answers to.

I did the reading, it was dead on for the current "important and relevant" details that he needed guidance on. He acknowledged that the reading was definitely accurate except for one thing. A lady who was very close to him did not come up in the reading at all, and hasn't with any of the other readers, as well.

That simply did not make sense to him. He didn't understand why.

Well, he then proceeded to tell me that she is married, doesn't plan to leave her husband for him and that he never intends for it to go further than the friendship they currently have. So, he didn't need guidance on this particular person.

Problem solved!

I explained to him that the energies around her are already resolved and he didn't need guidance on that as his decision had been made regarding that situation all ready.

So, this was a perfect example of a skeptic not understanding how psychic ability works.

I told him that as a psychic, I have to tune into a persons name and birthdate to get the energies coming to me, then I interpret them. If he didn't give me the name and birthdate of that individual, then the energies didn't come to me, so, therefore, the reading didn't include her.

I also told him that psychics do not know everything about everyone, but we do tune into what comes to us as important to share with the client. That doesn't mean everything comes through.

He agreed, but still came back with, "I just don't understand why she wouldn't come up in the reading, though, it doesn't make sense."

It doesn't make sense to him because he still doesn't understand what being psychic really means.

So, I hope this sheds some light for some of you about how a psychic reading can benefit you.

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Elite Psychic Life Coach
Law of Attraction Advisor & Counselor

Awakening Psychic Abilities – An Poll

I just read a new article on, I believe is where the article was, and after reading it, I took their poll of how often I have a psychic or ESP experience.

Out of 10,711 votes so far, 2,406 people have daily psychic experiences; 3,593 have psychic experiences a few times a week; 2,557 have them a few times a month; 1,478 have them a few times a year; 331 longer than a year; and 346 have never had a psychic experience.

Wow! What a result. I took a screen capture of the poll results once I took the poll, cropped it to fit my blog, so here it is:

psychic abilities poll at

This tells us a lot about those of you who know you have psychic ability, but just do not know that you could actually work from home doing psychic work for extra income, or even start your own psychic online business.

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Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Elite Psychic Business Coach
Law of Attraction Advisor & Trainer

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