Awakening Psychic Abilities – Psychic House Healing?

I just read a great article based on the ABC TV show, Beyond Belief, about learning how to harness your psychic energy and powers, awakening psychic abilities.  The article highlights the Berkley Psychic Institute, an actual school, that teaches people how to do this in their psychic kindergarten class.

I am fascinated.

It also highlights that some real estate agents are calling in psychics to do "house healings."  This is basically to assist in clearing a vacant home from any negative energies that may have been left there by prior tenants.

They use an example of a prior tenant who could not make their payment for 6 months due to job loss.  There was a lot of negative energies in that home.  They called in a psychic to heal the house, and this can work in many cases.  The house in question still hasn't sold, though.  They may need to get a new house healing done.

I understand that in Wicca, there are several different ways you can purge a home of negative energies and entities.  I would think that you could use similar rituals...burning sage candles and going to each corner of the home and chanting a positive affirmation such as, "only good and positive energy may reside here."

Awakening Psychic Abilities

Here is the link to the article:


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